Microsoft to hire ESR ?!


有一篇 slashdot 的報導很有趣, 說 ESR 在他的 blog 上自述, 收到 Microsoft 的 recruit letter, 並且有 HR 來跟他連絡… 鼎鼎大名的 Eric S. Raymond 收到 M$ offer 這件事情,當然馬上轟動萬教 xD

在 slashdot 上的 comments 有一段很有趣:

Your New Job, ESR:
MS: Sit in this office. Call no one. Write nothing. Issue no memos. Reply to no email.

ESR: I can’t do that?

MS: Can’t handle the isolation?

ESR: No, I have to sound off every now and then or people will forget about me!

MS: Well… that’s what were actually shooting for.

而在 ESR 自己說跟老婆討論的結果, 他老婆的回應也很有趣 :p

“My wife, upon hearing of this, suggested that if something like this could happen maybe I haven’t made enough trouble for Microsoft lately, and I’m slipping off their radar. She
might have a point…”

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