fisker left NiP for NoA

fisker 離開 NiP 了! 在 NiP 網頁上也有 announce :

“This morning something pretty unexpected happened as one of our players, Christer ‘fisker’ Eriksson, left Ninjas in Pyjamas to join the only team in the world consisting of Norwegian, American, Canadian and now also Swedish players, the team I’m talking about is NoA.”

以 fisker 驚世駭俗的身手, 居然要被擠到第七人, 他當然會不爽啦… 等於是候補的候補了。也難怪會投奔 NoA 與 NiP 分庭抗禮; 不過後面這段也很搞笑:</p>

</span>-“Since he got his girlfriend and spends a lot of time with her we felt that he drifted
away and that’s one of the main reasons why we chose not to have him in the first-5
line-up.” says Emil ‘HeatoN’ Christensen.

說他交了女友之後荒廢 CS ? 哈哈哈…

NiP 的官方 announcement 請看: