Engineer vs Sales


前天在看新聞的時候, 看到這麼一篇報導: 駐美代表和駐歐代表
因為被認為工作不力, 沒有努力拓展關係或是宣揚理念, 要換人




在看著這個報導的時候, 我腦袋突然在想, 這種相處的情況
是不是很像一般公司裡面常見的, Engineer vs Sales 的處境?

Engineer: “媽的, 東西賣的不好, 當然要怪 Sales 啊。他們整天
在外面不努力跑客戶, 都不知道在爽什麼咧。你可知道我在裡

Sales: “幹, 你 Engineer 東西做的這麼爛, 叫我怎麼拿去見客戶啊?
做出這種產品來, 再厲害的 sales 也幫不上忙啦。”

Sounds familiar ?
一樣的矛盾, 在不一樣的產業裡面, 一樣是會存在的。

(不知道新聞的連結什麼時候會被砍? 在這裡有簡單抓個圖啦…

Cut the crap.

認識我久一點的人, 大概都知道我很度爛別人不懂裝懂, 更討厭別人

最近某位老兄, 常常在聊天的時候, 喜歡東拉西扯一些國外的經驗談:
“哎呀, 你不知道, 這個如果是在國外….”
“我真的是開眼界了, 在國外這個是無法想像的…”
“不是不是, 像我們以前在國外…”

雖然這位老兄說的話跟我都沒有關係, 針對的也都不是我, 他說的也
不見得沒有道理, 可是我就是看不出來這跟國內國外有什麼關係, 好

Cut the crap. 老子八歲就有綠卡了, 你八歲在哪個國外啊?


Not only Jeremy, I feel sad too.

forgot what this chart is named

前幾天看到 J 老大的文章, “Why Google Finance Makes Me Sad“.
Heck, I feel sad too.

(Refer to this and this.)

Stunned, they are. Eager to move on in becoming a media
company, terrified probably by the dotcom crash, financial
pressure from the institutional investors… They dont have
much room to stretch and grow. Chances can’t be taken.
Investments must be seized. And hey, they might even be
struggling in the wrong direction.

I saw plenty of new hires from the media world lately. Top
level like the big guy from Hollywood, or entry ones like
normal producers, they tend to hire ppl from the media
industry in order to narrow the gap in becoming the new
media empire. But do they understand what’s necessary in
making things kick-ass online ? Do they understand what
the Internet folks are looking for ?

And how things are going on, then ? Well, you might as well
take a look on WSJ, or probably what I usually do in evaluating
another company: observe it’s stock quotes. That usually
gives you an early idea on what’s going on.

On the detailed engineering part, I have even more to elaborate,
but I dont think it’s chivalrous to discuss this in places where
everyone can see…

Yeah I know, there’s lots of good guys/gals in here. I’m not
saying that this place stinks, too. There’s still lots of ppl whom
I give great admiration, and I know plenty of hard work is in
progress to keep things up n’ running.

It’s just that..

Momentum, passionate, talented skills, harmonized teamwork,
Tai-Chi, I-Ching, … you name it, for all the ingredients required
for success, I can’t feel any tiny little bit that’s left to be discovered.

I can’t feel the sense of any pace moving forward. Maybe it’s
time I keep myself on track.

(If by any case you’re wondering why this blog is written in
English: I know lots of ppl ignore blogs written in English.
That’s exactly what I intended them to.)

What American City Are You?

Lordcolus’s blog 看來這個: What American City Are You?

You Are Boston
Both modern and old school, you never forget your roots.
Well educated and a little snobby, you demand the best.
And quite frankly, you think you are the best.</p>

Famous people from the Boston area: Conan O’Brien, Ben Affleck, New Kids on the Block </span></td> </tr> </tbody> </table>

What American City Are You?

滿意外的, 我居然會是 Boston…