Firefox growth slowing down

‘We always knew there was a finite number of early adopters out there and a finite number of Microsoft haters who would switch to something new, but we didn’t know what that number was. It looks like we’re approaching it.’

我突然想到 Crossing the Chasm 這本書。Firefox 跨不跨的過這道溝, 我是不知道, 我也不 care, 不過我倒是很想知道, 一樣的 high tech marketing model 在 firefox 上面能不能 work, 能不能解釋 😛

一些 IE7 的資訊:

在 IE7 的 official blog 可以看到, 一些 IE7 beta1 準備修的東西。目前看來, 似乎是第二季會出 beta1 ?

link at :

雖然我用 firefox, 不過我從來都不覺得 firefox 比較安全 😛
或許應該說, 我認為 firefox is safer as long as the user population is smaller than IE :p