SK.swe reformed!


在今年 ESWC swedish qualifier 裡面, 被踢出 NiP 的幾位明星組織了 1911 mix team 報名。雖然最後未能參賽, 卻已經引起廣泛討論, 是否 SK 將要捲土重來? (S for 19th, and K for 11th)

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Today the rumors are confirmed. SK.swe is back with some old core players. ahl, fisker, vilden, Snajdan, and SpawN.

SK 的官方聲明:
看來 eSports industry 越來越熱鬧了, 不過我在想的是, 當初SK 直接買下的 Titans 現在要怎麼辦呢?

You can be Batman, too!

Being Batman, from Forbes

Forbes featured a story about Being Batman. Talks about how you can equip & train urself to fight evil just like Bruce Wayne 😛 Covers everything from Bat suit to Bat car and even material arts training.

“A good place to start would be an internship at the birthplace of kung fu, the Shaolin Temple in Henan, China. One month of training at the prestigious Tagou school costs about $740, including a private room and training with a personal coach.”

“Of course, if you don’t want to lug around all that stuff, you could forgo the armor and just buy yourself a collectors-grade Batman movie costume for about $430. It won’t provide any protection, but at least you’ll look cool. “

Shaolin Temple ? ahahaa

Legal Music Downloads At 35%, Soon To Pass Piracy

Here‘s an slashdot from reuters, mentioning that legal music downloads are reaching 35% of market share, closing the gap with illegal downloads. It also predicts the trend will continue to pass pirate downloads.

Geez, 35%… There are times like this when I can’t imagine how these numbers come up… Am I unplugged from the real world or something ? Are there really so much pay download users? Yeah I know iTunes is hot, but this is way too much…